One Minute An Expert, The Next A Spammer

What’s your acceptable level of social media automation? Tweets a week in advance? A months worth of scheduled Facebook updates? One update that posts to multiple social networks? How about setting up an RSS feed from multiple sites to populate your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you don’t have to, that would make life easy right? Oh […]

Need Your Mojo Back? I Got Mine!

Being an entrepreneur, solopreneur, mediapreneur whatever you want to call it, can be very lonely place and with that it’s easy to get demoralised, lose track of what your supposed to be doing and worst case scenario, give up on your dream. I know this first hand because it just happened to me. I lost […]

Interview: Sarah Hughes – The LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert

The first in a series of ‘meet the expert’ interviews/chats I’ll be having with social media thought leaders, internet marketing experts and business leaders to get their best advice on how you can get the most out of the web, social networks,  build your audience and create success online… Happy listening! If you want to […]

Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Quality audio, simple setup Creating good quality audio for your videos, podcasts and screencasts is absolutely essential. Gone are the days when you could pop on a cheap headset to create tutorials or make youtube videos with the built in webcam and mic on your computer. People today expect more, they expect higher quality video and audio. […]