Why I Use Hostgator Hosting For My WordPress Blog

Are you looking for somewhere to host your WordPress blog? Look no further, I highly recommend Hostgator hosting. 

I’ve been using hostgator hosting for my sites from the beginning of my internet life really. I’m still with them to this day simply because it works, it does what they say it will do, for the price they quote (which is ridiculously cheap) and the customer service is outstanding.

At this point I must tell you that I am not a web developer, and if you are reading this you’re probably not either. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t build a very professional looking website on your own without knowing a line of code!

Hostgator are one of only a few hosing companies that offer 24/7 live chat, and let me tell you, those people on live chat have bent over backwards to help me in ways they are not obliged to in anyway. One of them even helped me set up and install wordpress MU when that was around! (turns out I never needed it anyway.. my bad).

If you are looking for a great place to host your blog or website you really need to pick a service you are going to be happy with for a long long time, because changing hosting companies is not going to be the easiest of processes for anyone short of a full blown developer, and if you are reading my post on why I use Hostgator, I’m guessing that’s not you.

So what do I host on Hostgator?

This blog you are reading now is hosted there and so is every other site I’ve built for myself, friends and clients, so is all the content on all of them other than video.

Side note: Don’t host your video on your own server whatever service you go with, that’s a story for another blog post but my no.1 recommendation for premium video hosting is Wistia, however, most of your needs will be met just fine with YouTube or Vimeo.

Ready to install WordPress?

I’m guessing you are reading this because you want to create a WordPress website/blog and your first point of call is to buy a domain name and find somewhere to host your site. If you sign up for a Hostgator account, you can do all of that in a few minutes, buy a domain, install WordPress and start creating your blog. There’s is a bit of an annoyance buying domains from Hostgator, they don’t sell .co.uk names. I don’t know why but quite honestly it’s not an issue once you know how to update your DNS (Domain Name Server), which is just a case of copying over a few numbers from Hostgator. I actually buy my domains from fasthost now and update the DNS to point them to where the site is being hosted. It sounds much more complicated than it is!

So if you are just getting started and want a quick, easy, reliable and cost effective way to get online. I recommend Hostgator.

(Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Hostgator, so if you click any of my links from this page and sign up I get a few quid, but I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t use it myself).

One Minute An Expert, The Next A Spammer


img credit – tweekyourbiz.com

What’s your acceptable level of social media automation?

Tweets a week in advance? A months worth of scheduled Facebook updates? One update that posts to multiple social networks? How about setting up an RSS feed from multiple sites to populate your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you don’t have to, that would make life easy right?

Oh hold on I have a better one, why don’t you fully automate all of your social media to keep repeating the same posts out every few days, that should work right? Save you some time, make sure everyone sees your stuff?


Stop automating your social media now

Stop Automating Your Social Media Now – Click To Tweet

I understand you’re busy and you are looking for ways to save time, we are all busy, but trust me, automating your social media is not the place that you want to save time.

This post/rant was instigated by 2 things; Firstly a handful of infuriating ‘social media experts’ that advocate automation as much as possible, to a point where they are not even present and don’t even mind admitting it! How is that social? Secondly by a tweet from Scott Stratten that said ‘Auto-pilot is no pilot’, which resonated with me quite a lot.

I realise I’m about to get my ass handed to me by every social media manager that reads this, because quite frankly it’s pretty impossible to manage multiple client accounts across multiple channels 100% in real time unless you have a team of managers, so I’ll give those guys a bit of leeway, but the rest of you, stop it!!

Now here’s the thing, there does come a time when you have 20 things in your head that you want to get out and actually you don’t want to flood Facebook or Twitter with a ton of updates one after another, in those scenarios I don’t see a major issue with scheduling the odd post for a later point.

(Insert Scott’s disappointed face here)

There is however a big condition to this and to every level of automation that you decide is acceptable, you still need to be present, available, ready to respond and communicate in good time. Please do not play the set and forget game. Social is a two way conversation not an RSS feed.

Here’s one scenario that should help frame why I’m beating down on mass automation of social.

I read a tweet, I like what it said so I click on the persons profile, read their bio, have a look at their blog, it’s the sort of stuff I like so not only do I follow them, I add them to a Twitter list of social media experts. For a few weeks I read their tweets, click on a few links, read their blog posts etc. I even re-tweet and reply to a few of their tweets (but get no reply).

Then I start to see a pattern.

I start seeing a handful of very similar tweets that link back to the same blog posts, then over time I start seeing these very same tweets being repeated. I dig a little bit deeper, I see that in actual fact there is only about 30 or so tweets that keep getting repeated over and over again.

What happens now?

I unfollowed them of course, remove them from my list and unsubscribe from their newsletter. That’s a total fail on their part because a minute ago I considered them a social media expert, now I consider them a social media spammer and don’t want to hear from them anymore.

One Minute An Expert, Next A Spammer – Click To Tweet

I tweeted Scott to get his opinion on scheduling…


Scott is very well respected in social media and business circles. He’s the Author of several awesome social media books and has one of the best keynote speeches ever! With a strap line like ‘Stop Marketing, Start Engaging’ you can bet your house on it Scott doesn’t touch any level of automation or scheduling, so it was a pretty stupid question to ask him!

The point is this – you have the opportunity and all the tools available to automate as much as you like, it’s your shout, but take it from me and take it from Scott, it’s a bad idea. Handle your social media like you are having a conversation with your customers, clients, prospects. Or would you prefer they just listen to a recorded message?

What are your thoughts on social media automation? Do you find any level acceptable? Is your goal to automate as much as possible? Please leave your comments below I’d love to get your opinions and discuss it with you.

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