Top Twitter Tips For Beginners

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Ok, so you’re ready to join the twitterati yeah? Lets do this!!

My top tips to tweet tweet tweet your way to success.

  1. Profile Image – No body talks to eggs (the default profile image). So you’ll need to pick a profile image. You have 2 main choices, your mugshot or your company logo. In a world of personal branding and relationship marketing it’s a good idea to use your mugshot if possible, people do business with people, not brands.
  2. About me – You get 160 characters on twitter to tell people about yourself. Use them wisely! Include something about your interests, your life, give a reason for people to follow you. Use keywords that you think people would use to find you, I use ‘social media’ in my profile so when people search those phrases, there’s a chance they may find me. (all be it a small one!)
  3. URL – This 160 characters of profile text if valuable retails space people! You can ditch the www from your website link, you don’t need it, save 3 characters! (yes I’m serious).
  4. Hashtags – If you don’t know what hashtags are, they are simply words that begin with the sign #. eg #socialmedia, #Facebook #apple. Hashtags are a way of tracking conversations about a certain topic, event or trend, click any of them to see who is talking about that topic.
  5. Conversation! – The big one, talk to people, sounds obvious right? Don’t be a lurker, if you see someone or something interesting being tweeted, hit the reply button and talk to them, ask a question, make a statement, get involved, it’s not a spectator sport!
  6. Retweeting – Hit the re-tweet button on cool stuff you see. Everyone loves being re-tweeted, it’s a great way to spread content that you find interesting to your followers and also let the person who wrote it know who you are, so go for it, don’t be scared, hit the re-tweet button!!!
  7. Direct messages – or DM’s as they are called for short, a way of communicating with people on twitter without the message being public, use them, they are very useful to connect with people on twitter when you don’t want everyone to see the conversation. It’s not going to help you build your following, but if you think there is an allegiance, common interest or opportunity somewhere, or maybe you have a question you think is stupid and you don’t want the world to know, then use a DM! Twitter is a very friendly place, go get in the mix.
  8. Hootsuite – My favorite twitter management tool. It’s free, you can get it here: It’s a tool that allows you to do more with twitter, track conversations, people, lists and even manage multiple accounts.
  9. Buttons – Last and final twitter tip, put a re-tweet button on every page of your website, every blog post you write and ask people to tweet your article, yes, ask them!! Please tweet my article! Spread the twitter love. For more info on twitter buttons click here

Top Twitter Tips For Beginners – TWEET THIS

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  1. Great help Nick, thanks, Alan

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